Thursday, February 27, 2020

Virtual Work Place Practise Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Virtual Work Place Practise - Essay Example The case study was covered in â€Å"Visual Workplace Practice Positively Impacts Business Process,† benchmarking an International Journal. Case Problem According to the case study, businesses in the modern business environment are more concerned about their cost of production than their customer’s satisfaction. It is evident that the abilities of a business to survive in the modern competitive environment depend on its profit margins and the sustainability of their customer base. This indicates that customers also have a stake in determining the sustainability of a business. From the case study, the virtual world has endless opportunities that businesses can exploit to enhance their sustainability. In businesses, virtual world is usually associated with communication. This association shields the possibilities of virtual tools in taking businesses to the next level. Communication is of less economic value to business and their customers. However, communication has addit ional benefits to the business that indicate commercial value to a business. The basic value derived from communication is efficiency, which results in reduced costs of operation and customers satisfactions. The business depicted in the case study is a supplier of medical equipment. Before the business adopted its current information system, the business depended on the traditional receipts and invoices to accounts for its sales and credits. In addition, the business depended on traditional filing system without any concrete information backup or database. This method of operation had many disadvantages to the business resulting in the need for an up-to-date business solution. The business required a business solution that would integrate its sales, supplies and enhance the capabilities of the customers. Initially the company applied start-up software and basic templates to handle its data requirements. In addition, the company relied on manual processing of information to make simp le custom reports. This method of operation was disadvantageous to both the customers and the company. Reporting was also a major problem that the business had to handle in its daily operations. This is because its accounting systems could not link historical data with the current data. To solve the problems the business required to a have a database that had the capabilities of storing large quantities of data (Braden, Thomas, Larry, & Leonard, 2012). In addition, the business required a system that would make historical data easily accessible to the customers. The business also needed a system that would enhance separation of critical information from other junk information. This indicates that the business relied on an information system that was too complex to be understood by its customers and other stakeholders. Solution After analysing the problems, the business managers noted that an obvious solution would be an efficient and interactive information system. The company also required investing in an information system that would reduce complexity in the operations of its customers and employees. The business also required transferring its historical information and sales records into a new database. An effective solution would also enhance the corporate social responsibility of the business. The first target of the new information system

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